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After Sales Care

The PCS team has always prided itself in the quality of service that it has provided in the past and will continue to do in the future. We have always striven to give the best value for money for our systems.

When a client trusts us to deliver we will never let them down. Failure, is simply not an option. The day we hand over a project to the client we expect nothing short of perfection. When a project instalation is completed we would also like to continue to serve the customer with an aftersales service that matches our installations.

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) offer the customer peace of mind that if something goes wrong we will be there to help to resolve it in the fastest way possible. We either try and fix it on the phone or by email but if things are really broken we will arrange for a technician to visit site as soon as possible.

Our SLAs also offer periodic upgrades to the firmware and software as our developers continue to create the most advanced system on the planet. We offer remote "health checks" across a VPN where we do preventative maintenance on the servers and backup up your data. If a VPN connection is not an option then site visits can be made in its place.

Our SLAs are competitively priced at around seven percent (7%) of the software install cost making them affordable and offering the customer peace of mind that their systems are as good as the day they were installed and that they will receive the latest versions of the software whenever new releases are made.
The SLAs DO NOT include change or modification to the existing parade programming these changes are quoted for separately.

Your Parades are a major attraction to the park and having them work flawlessly and recover quickly if they should fail is a "must have" our SLAs offer that peace of mind.

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