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Reinventing the Wheel

Introducing our new concept, LIDAR Flow Motion.

PCS is excited to share our latest development for the Vehicle Tracking System (VOS), an essential part of our Universal Parade Control System (UPCS)

This is the Prototype enclosure for the new LIDAR Flow Motion (LFM) sensor which is currently in development. It will eventually replace our current VOS 5th Wheel tracking system.

The LFM system will use a contactless design to track parade floats along the route. It seamlessly combines LIDAR (TOF) distance sensing and Motion Flow technology, similar to your desktop optical mouse.

The prototype is still in development, but initial results are looking very promising.

The whole device measures around 12cm x 9cm x 5cm and it has a focal range between 10cm - 20cm from the ground. Full specifications will be available soon, but we can confirm now that this new system will be backwards compatible with our previous 5th Wheel system.

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